Water Rower Review

WaterRower Oxbridge gets it from the famous annual race between Oxford University and Cambridge. It has been elaborated mainly with each of the hunters of Oxford and Cambridge, painted cherry wood looks a bit different because the color is determined by the original brown tree color ranging from red to deep red.

Being made of wood, there is one word you can use to describe the Oxbridge WaterRower – solid. These machines are built to last. They are also excellent; The Oxbridge measure 82.25 “long, 22.25” wide and 20 “.The wooden frame absorbs the vibrations that make the very quiet Oxbridge to use.

It is not all wood, however; The Oxbridge rod uses the WaterRowers unique water wheels for strength. If other manufacturers use fans or hydraulic, with a WaterRower rowing machine, it really makes a ceiling fan with water. This provides a unique soundtrack for your workout and also provides smooth and even traction. The more one walks away, the more resistance you encounter with more challenging and your workout will become – just like rowing in the real water.

The winner himself weighs only 66.5 pounds. But when the tank is full, the weight gain to a heavy 103.5 pounds. This viper is not light at whattheyuse.